Makaza, established in Bursa in 2015. "If Bursa Grow,Turkey Grow" the company motto of maintaining the principle of construction and foreign trade. With this understanding, we have taken our place as a pioneer and innovative company in Bursa in a short period of 4 years.

Until now, as Makaza Altın İnşaat in the construction sector; We are building living spaces where trust, comfort, quality, investment and value are together.

Until today, we have built 6 projects, 202 apartments, 6 commercial areas and 202 families have an apartments. Not only families from Bursa, we have provided our expatriate families from 7 continents of the world to our hosts.

In the foreign trade sector; We export our products to many parts of the world in order to provide maximum benefit to our country and bring Turkish products to the deserved place abroad. Olive, olive oil, marble, towels, many products such as confidence and quality in the world market without compromising on the steps we are making sure.